Sunday, 27 November 2011

Happy Day. .

What a happy day I have yesterday. . .
Yeah, totally happy for me till I can't stop smiling. . .
It is a tiring day, I knew , but I felt the joy more than the tiredness itself. .
How can I feel tired when someone I love was there, beside me. .
Our unique as well as our first date was placed at Time Square. .
Unique. . ??
Why do I said that. .
I don't know why, but having this first date felt like this is the first time meeting him. .
But, our first time met didn't seem as awkward as it is yesterday. .
Both of us being so childish I guess. .
Never mind, its an experienced which will make us matured day by day. .
Okay. .
I think thats all. .
Don't wanna talk more than this bout it. .
Scared someone will get sick after reading it. .
Joking. .!
We shall see later guys. .
Daa. .

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