Thursday, 23 February 2012

First Night For This Semester. . ~! !

Huwaa. .~! !
What a hot topic. .~!
First Night? ?
What is it. .?
It is none of what you're thinking. .
It was the first night class for this semester. .
Gotcha~! !
Seriously, I felt so lazy about attending this replacement class because we only have a class in the day light. ..
Wouldn't it be like heaven if we can do our own thing at night. .
Sigh. .
Well. .
I have a twin this night~!

Tadaaa~! !
Both of us wearing Malaysian shirt that night. .
See how patriotic we were that night. .
Plus, there was a match between Malaysia and Japan also that night. .
But unfortunately, Malaysia lost the game. .
Okay, enough bout that. .
Only one thing about the class make me pissed off~!
He rejected my topic but he was the one who approved it before. .~!
Grrr~! !
The feeling at that moment was like #$@&^%(@!!!
Pfft~! !
The completed outline I done that evening was such a waste~!
Next story, I'll have my persuasive speech on this Sunday. .
I need to practice~! ! !
Or I'll fail. .
And just remember that a lot of thing need to be done next week @ last week of study too~! !

Here are the works:
1.Group assignment in Criminal (27/2/12)
2.Tasmik surah al-Luqman(28/2/12)
3.Test psychology **Seriously surprised because I only knew about this just now**
4.Individual presentation on Tort
5.Full submission of individual work on BEL332(1/3/12)

Anything that I forgot to add on?
I hope not. .
Or else, I gonna die man~!
Okay, I shall stop here guys. .
Till we see again next time. .
Till then, Farewell. .~

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