Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Bad. .

Assalamualaikum. .
Yeah, everyone does have their own bad side. .
And so do I. .
But firstly, I wanna thank Allah . .
I thank Him because I'm still alive right now. .
Actually, today is the day of an outing for my class. .
But I don't know why, I do feel reluctant about keep going on with this plan. .
I even cried along the way go to our destination, Kalumpang. .
Plus, I did has a little bit complication with one of my friends. .
Well, actually, I do get angry easily cause I am extremely sensitive~! ! !
I may seem hard outside, but not so hard inside. .
And I will never care about others who talk behind my back actually. .
If they are daring enough, they will face me, one by one. .
Well, enough with that. .
I do get mad easily. .
And yet, get cool easily too. .
But words that hurt my heart, will forever live as a scar inside. .
Well, just pretend as nothing happen and do live my life to the fullest, okay ?
Back to my post's title. .
Yeah, my bad. .
It is my bad because I go against my instinct. .
In the end, the instinct will nearly come to reality. .
But Thank Allah that we're far from any injury. .
Thanks to my Mom for her prayer too. .
I'm crying all the way there actually. .
And now, I just can thank Allah for everything. .
For giving me a chance to live a better life after this. .
Well, here are some pictures of us . .
 **BBQ team while the rest enjoy playing**
 **One of the photographers**
 **Mak Long**

See their happy faces? ?
And wondering why there is not even a single picture of me?
Cause I'm not in the mood of doing so. .
Well, I shall stop here. .
Till then, Farewell. .~

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