Thursday, 16 February 2012

Yeay Me and Alhamdulillah. .

Asssalamualaikum. .
Acyually,. nak update blog ni semalam. .
Tapi disebabkan upload perkara paling penting lama sangat, finally tertidur. .
Sebenarnya aku happy sangat sebab video assignment kami berjaya dapat full mark. .~!
Yay~! ! !
And alhamdulillah. .
And, this is my group members. .
**Except fungus;he's not one of our member's group**

Well. . 
Aku sangat bersyukur atas hal ni. .
And another, mmmm, can be considered as good news for me. .
I don't have to perform during dinner~! !
It was because I didn't attend the first rehearsal. .
Never mind, I can enjoy more than, .
Wehoo~! !
Okay. .
I think thats all. .
Just a short entry. .
And not to forget. .
I'll post the link ii the video is successfully uploaded in the youtube. .
See you later guys~!
Till then. .
Farewell. .~

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