Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ohhh Yeah~!!!!!

Finally. . ~!
Four days of holidays were over man~!!
Means I can back together with all of my friends. .
Aww . .
How I miss being with them. .
And not to forget. .
Thanks to Sosofea Shukor who kept me accompany for this past few days. .
If wasn't because of her, I would be all alone in my own world. .
Thanks dear. .
And yeah~!!
Tomorrow I can finally go back "alive" and having my normal classes. .
People reading this might think I'm crazy, but what else can I say. .
This is how I feel right now. .
Others might feel so sad because they have to go back here and leave their parents, family and house behind. .
To be honest, I'm more upset than all of them. .
Imagine that I'm here without being with my family for a holiday time. .
How sad would it be? ?
I can only see them after finish my final exam later on. .
Wait for me ya??
My assignments ? ? ?
Hmm. .
About finishing it soon. .
Okay. .
Thats it for now. .
We shall meet again later my dearest friends .
Till then, Farewell. .

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