Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Happy to Death~! ! ! ! ! !

And hell yeah~! ! !
I'm happy and I know it. .
Smiling to the ears dear. .
Just saw him online with busy sign. .
And I'm afraid to say hi to him. .
Just hoping that he'll say hi to me. .
And finally. .
He's chatting with me. .~!!
The "busy" sign have been changed. . ~!
Okay, this is my first delighted moment for today. .
Then. . .
He gave me his number. . ~! !
And this is the most delighted scene ever for my life. .~! !
I never have such feeling like this when got someone number. .
But he was just different from others. .
We've been good friend since last year. .
But he's staying in Singapore. .
Thats why I didn't have his number before. .
Now, he currently studying at Open University in Johor Bahru. .
And by the way, I'll finish my foundation on earlier of April. .
We even have a plan to meet each other. .
Like seriously, I've been thinking of meeting him too, one day later. .
He is a good boy, nice guy, a little bit clumsy and funny enough to enlighten your world. .
Girl who have him will be the luckiest girl ever~!
Dear you. .
If you're reading this. .
I just want to tell you that I'm glad to have you as my best friend ever~! !
I shall stop here guys. .
Till then, Farewell. .

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