Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I Can Only Say Sorry For Screwing Up Everything. .

Yeah. .
Today was a bad day for me. .
I screwed up everything. .
I can only say sorry to my group-mates. .
I was like so damn irresponsible towards the task given to me. .
Seriously, I was upset because I make them received a lower mark. .
Sigh ..
Instead of put the blame on others, I rather put it in myself. .
Cause all way round, it will finally come back to me. .
I am so sorry. .
I can only came out with these words to show m regret. .
Tell me if I can do anything about it. .
Sigh again. .

Okay, thats all for the sad story about me screwing up everything. .
Now, the next one. .
Basically, I'll having another presentation on tomorrow. .
A presentation about our role play which we've been work so hard for it. .
I can only pray and wish that I'm not gonna screw up anything tomorrow and out lecturer is in a good mood. .
Okay, I'll update again tomorrow about the presentation. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~

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