Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Asia Summer Program, Dongseo University, Busan, Kore.

          Hi and assalamualaikum. Finally! I can online using my laptop. What I had planned is, too update everyday about my activity while I'm here. So, I wrote one 'diary' yesterday. So, here it is. :)

 My Journey In Busan #1


                            Finally, today’s program is over. Yeay! It’s a nice start. Okay, lets begin from the morning. I accidentally eat a pork sausage. . Uwekk! Help me! I don’t know what to do. Luckily I only eat a bit of it. Blergh! After that, I am fully vegetarian + seafood-ian. I have to eat food I don’t really like. Well, a new experience I can say. Okay, next story. I thought I was the only alone student representing their universities here, but, there’s some more. Make me a little bit more confident and not afraid. We were divided into team and I get into Team 2. There were total of 30 teams which consist of 10 to 11 members each. I’ll tell more about team later on maybe. Going on to the opening ceremony which was held at the Centum City. It is a nice place, like seriously! There are Busan International Film Festival, Busan Cinema Centre and lot more. What I can say is, that is a place where arts where placed. During the open ceremony, each university should do something. And I am alone. What I did was a V Boom cheer by my college which was improvised to UPM cheers. I received a lot of warm of applause in the beginning and also the end. Though I feel that no one really has any interest to my cheers, but I’m grateful enough for the compliments I received after on. One of the Korean students which is a volunteer for this program, Lucas, he said that I am a powerful girl. I have a strong voice and it was a nice performance. While his friend, Tim, said that I am brave to go do the cheers alone. What else? A Thailand lecturer said that she will advertise me to her friends. She even asked me to write down my name and major program in UPM. I don’t know whether it’s real or not, but I do feel delighted. What I can say so far, Busan is a nice city. J There are a lot of pictures! The technology here is also amazing. First, I thought KLIA is a great airport and technologically driven, but I was wrong when I arrived at the Incheon Airport, Seoul. There, they even have the internet zone where PC were provided. A specific charger place. A place for a free shower. News and movie zone, kids zone, rest and relax zone. It just WOWed me enough. Well, I guess that all for today. Gonna start my first class tomorrow. Night! Jalja-yo. J

    So, that's it for yesterday. I'll update about what happened today in my next entry. See you. :) About the pictures, as I am not able to upload it now, maybe I'll post an entry specifically only for those pictures. Till then, Farewell~^^

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