Monday, 15 July 2013

My Journey in Busan. #8

Hi and assalamualaikum. I’m entering my second week here, in Busan. Another Monday I passed through in Busan. So, what happened today? I slept at 6am and woke up at 9am and my class is at 9.30am. I was late. Luckily it’s movie time on the first hour of class. Hew. And just before the class end, we have to present on what concept of mise en scene will our group do for our assignment. Luckily I made some concept and the rest of the members were thankful for me as they not even aware about it. >.< They looks like they can cooperate well. I hope so. I’m the director; we have two actresses, a cameraman, a music director and video editor. I’m satisfied enough on how we managed to divide the task among ourselves. The script is ready and we’re going to shoot for it tomorrow. I feel a bit pressured when the lecturer said that he’s looking forward on my idea. Sigh. I hope I can do well with the rest. And for the afternoon class, I went early and sit so front in the class. I became closer with Sera Unnie. She’s so cute yet still call me cute in Hangul. HAHA! I learn Hangul consonant and vowels from Haley today. Kinda hard but I’ll try to understand. And then, we go to afternoon activity together. Though we won nothing but it’s okay. Sera unnie said I sound like Korean when I speak in hangul. Another compliment I guess. I don’t know that quiet many people would know me. They say hi to me and ask if I remember them. I do remember their faces, but not the names. Sorry. It’s just so hard for me to remember those long and hard to pronounce name. I guess now that both of the lecturers who’s teaching me is aware of my existence. J Then I went out with my roommate for the first time to the nearest store looking up for some foods that can be our stock. HAHA! Well, I guess that’s all for today. Till then, Farewell~^^


*with Sera Unnie~^^*

*With my roommate*


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