Saturday, 20 July 2013

My Journey in Busan. #12 #13

                    Hi and assalamualaikum. Yeah, I know that I wrote nothing yesterday. It was because I do nothing much. Just resting in my room for almost the whole day. But somehow, I met someone from UM yesterday. She came late but she already heard about me coming here all alone. HAHA!
Next is about what happened today. I went to Nampo-dong. It’s a market where you can buy souvenirs at affordable price. I've been there before, during the city tour. This time, I went with Ah-Reum. And we explored more than what I did last time. Kinda regret cause I found the same thing at cheaper price. Haish. So, what did we do today? First, go by subway and she led me to the wrong station. HAHA! Luckily she noticed that earlier. Then, back on the right track and went to Nampo-dong. Kind of shocked cause the street was quite empty I can say. It’s weekend and it’s empty. My assumption was, “maybe they go to Seoul for a better shopping.” Well, few of my friends did go to Seoul. Why am I not going there? Simple answer. I want to save up money. Hihi. First, we went to some clothes store and the price is affordable, I can say. But you have to choose wisely. That’s it. Then we go to a store called BoDa. Here is more like a stationary shop. Went here because Ah Reum wants to buy birthday card for her friend. The shop is nice, look elegant and price starting also at reasonable price. Feel free to visit here.~^^ Then we went to a coffee shop. I don’t know why am I so dizzy out of sudden at that time. Take time to rest there. After some times, we go out to the department store cause Ah-Reum said that she wanted to buy new clothes. Well, I just tag along. The design is really nice, I can guarantee. It’s only matters of how long or see-through the clothes are to me. Sigh. In the end, Ah-Reum bought nothing cause according to what she said, it’s cheaper if she just buy it online for the same brand. Then we go to the food section cause she’s searching something for her dinner. All I can do just controlling myself. Hew hew. .~ Then we go out to the street after she bought her dinner. After almost 30mins of walking around the street, I finally bought some souvenirs and can finally found “I Love Korea” t-shirt for my dad. J The prices of the t-shirts vary, starting from 4,000KRW. And it’s finally time for filling my stomach with food. J We went to a self-cook tteobokki restaurant. It was nice. We add on some cheese and ramyeon as topping. Nyum nyum~^^ It is really delicious. At first I wonder what was the function of the pipe and it turn out to be the source of mineral water. They have it at each table. Fascinating? J The price for the tteobokki meal of 2 with add on cost us 9,500KRW which mean it only cost each of us 4,250KRW. A very affordable price I can say. J Finished the meal and get home directly. It was so nice of Ah-Reum for accompanying me till the dormitory. Though she have to like taking the subway back and forth, she willing to accompany me. Really big thanks to you. Unnie, saranghaeyo. J Well I guess, that’s all about my journey today~^^

*Nampo station*

*Nampo-dong street*

*BoDa store*



*Just statue along the street*

*interior design of Roasting house*


*Coffee shop; Roasting House*

*Nampo department store*

*Take this escalator to get there*

*See that water?*

*It's coming from here*

*Ah-Reum's dinner*


*mineral water*

*Wear this before you eat guys~^^*

*Sleeping? :D*

*Before we cook*


*Ah-Reum, are you cooking? O_o*

*add cheese and close it*

*some souvenirs*

[p/s: Finally made it to skype with my family after few days they didn’t come online. I really miss Malaysia. L]
            Off topic. Though you might see that I was enjoying my time here, I also silently hurt. I guess that now all three of my past has finally stayed there. All three of them get hurt. Two of them decided to back off and I pushed away the other one. I am so sorry for what have I done. I believed that all of you will have a nice life and get a better partner. I’m a heart-breaker but I am also heartbroken. Call me whatever you want; selfish, cruel or even an egoistic person, I don’t mind. Cause somehow, I admit that it is true. And I need it to keep on living and moving on from my past. I might hurt you unintentionally or intentionally, but I’m hurting inside too. I am so sorry. Insya-Allah, all three of you will always be in my prayer as I will always consider you as my friend though we’re not communicating anymore. I am so sorry. L Even come to think of it right now make my heart ache.  Till then, Farewell~

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