Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Journey in Busan #3

          Hi and assalamualaikum. Here I am on the third entry related to yesterday’s entry. J So, what happened today? Morning class! The lecturer teaches us a song to be happy. Cute song I can say. J Later on we play a crocodile game. New game to me. And last but not least, we watch a movie, The Hobbit. It was meant to apply what we have learned in the class. He said that he likes us and I like the class too. J Moving on to the second class. Well, I’m gaining a bit of interest this time. Theories about what type of traveller a person are looks interesting to me. Here, in this class, I make friends of another two Korean girls, Haley and Laura. They say that I have a small face and envy me. HAHA! I just don’t know what to respond other than saying thank you. These two girls are so friendly and nice. At first, they asked about my facebook, then about whether I have KakaoTalk account or not. When I say I’ll install it later they just say okay. Then I asked them whether they have LINE account and they said no. But knowing that I have one, they install it immediately, right in front of my eyes. How can I not be touched by that? They want me to teach them English and I said okay. When I say that I want them to teach me Hangul, they’re so delighted to help. They’re so friendly until I don’t know how to describe. Right before I leave the class, one of them told me to call her if I need any help. Awww. I like Korean people. How I wish Malaysian could be this nice to me. Well, for today, I didn’t go to the afternoon activities cause I have to be the toilet ‘flusher’. Blergh! Almost 3 hours spent on it before everything went alright. At first, I decide to not tell it to my roommate then I realized that honesty is important so I told her. Coincidentally, she was facing the same problem last night. See, honesty worth it. J  Currently just sitting in front of my laptop after break-fasting. I’ve been wondering on when I can have the time to look around Busan city. By having Korean friends, I think whenever can be done. J Till then, Farewell~^^

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