Friday, 12 July 2013

My Journey in Busan. #5

           Assalamualaikum and hi. Annyeonghaseyo. ~^^ We meet again. I get a little bit more excited to update what happened today because I learn quiet a lot of new things. As usual, we start from morning. Today’s morning class, we watch a movie. I forgot the title but it is a nice movie. Sort of like musical movie. So, nothing much actually. After that, I went to a bank located inside the university for money exchange. They were so exact. Not like Malaysian. This makes m sad thinking of our different attitude. :(  Afternoon class, before the class end, the lecturer ask us to present or talk a little bit of our culture and I made it. Talk about Malay custom. Right after my speech, the Korean guy who talked to me yesterday said that I am good. Blushed. We learn to make origami from a Japanese student. And also, a Korean girl asks about my religion, about Islam. Don’t I feel hot wearing hijab? Can I drink alcohol? After I said I can’t drink alcohol, she said that she’s sad though she is not a Muslim. Because she told me that she likes beer. And I talked about Malaysia a bit to her. Afternoon activities? I didn't go as I was so tired and have another plan with my Korean friends. Right before we go, I met this one Korean girl which is in the same class with me in the afternoon. She saw me putting a little bit of eyeliner and asked why don't I make-up on class. My answer, because I'm lazy. HAHA! She's kinda stylish as from what I can see. First, we go to Home Plus, a super big supermarket in Busan. It has everything! Even pet! Well, these girls are so nice to me. They pay for my bus tickets. I’m touched. They do help me a lot. They even give me a special treatment as they say that I am a foreigner. They carried the basket for me though it’s not actually that heavy and I can afford to carry it myself. They’re so understanding that I’m fasting and wait for the break-fasting time and we eat together. At the Home Plus, we ate teobokki. It consist of flour. The moment I explain to them I cannot eat pork and alcohol, they try quiet hard to search food for me. They introduced several Korean foods and snacks to me. Maybe I can try later on.~^^ Something surprised me. They have auto-pay or most likely self-pay machine. Their technologies amazed me. Coincidentally, I saw ice cream before paying, so I bought them and it’s nice! Coffee flavour. I forgot what it is in Hangul. >.< Now, they approved me as their friends. Korean has this one unique culture when communicating. You’ll talk formally to strangers and elders but not friends. Now, I can drop off the formality. They told me that most of Korean knows Japanese and in Korea, we’re one year older. So, I supposed that I’m 21 while I’m at Korea. After done with paying stuffs, we went to a restaurant which only sells chicken. We went there by bus. There’s a unique way to cross over the road. Take elevator to go down, walk a little, take another elevator, but going up, and now you’re on the other side. New thing for me. Basically, we went through the underground. At this chicken restaurant, they have special offer. If you like their facebook page and show it to the worker, you’ll get cheese stick for free. Daebak! The environment is so romantic I can say? Yellow lights and bla bla bla. HAHA! They said that I’m thin, have a small face, and big eyes and they envy me. HAHA! As for me, I envy them! They’re fair and have a nice skin too. Oh! They told me that peach is a well known fruit in Busan. Well, it tastes nice. J So know that I’m back in my room and tired. Busan is a mountain. Here, we’re hiking, not walking. T__T I guess that’s it for today. Now that I bought a notebook, I can do my homework. By the way, I will have a city tour tomorrow! ! ! Yeay me! Can’t wait. Till then, Farewell~^^


*Me in the morning*

*DongSeo University*

*just found this unique*

*the building I go through every weekdays*

*parking lots in DSU*

*some of KRW currency*

*The origami I learned today*

*went to this store on my first day here*


*Ah-Reum, Haley, Laura*

*Us! !*


*The bus driver is so 'rough'*


*Parrots sold in HomePlus*

*black fish*



*food section*

*self-pay machine*

*Coffee flavor ice cream*

*traffic jam*

*lift going to the underground road*

*the underground*

*chicken house*


*1 2 3 SNAP!*



*cheese sticks*

*chickens+fries+wedges+not spicy teobokki*

*Cup, International plug I long searched and notebook*


*an isotonic drink*


  1. Singapore pun macam tu. No jejantas at all!

    1. Really? O_O Tapi bend tu menarik la sbb underground.~^^