Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Journey in Busan. #10

                     Hi And assalamualaikum. . Quite a bit late update from me today. L It was because of my preparation of tomorrow presentation. I’ll be presenting about Malaysia in my class along with another Malaysian. J Wish me luck for tomorrow. J So what happened today? I woke up early as I already made a promise with the group members to come early so we can do our task. But it turn out to be cancelled due to some late members. L Suddenly, the lecturer come from the back and touch my back side of hijab and say it’s beautiful. Well, got a little bit shocked by that. Hihi. And luckily me for wearing some make-up today (LOL), which is the eyeliner cause suddenly a reporter from one of Korean TV station came and said that he’ll be doing some recording. Wohoo! It’s our turn to be in the Korean news. :D For the afternoon class, luckily me again cause I came early. Or else, I might be singing in front of the class. Hew hew~ My Korean friends will quickly recognized the different in my face if I put some eyeliner and they told me to put it more often. :D Again, they complement my Hangul pronunciations. I am so happy with that. They even talk to me in Hangul cause they forget that I’m not a Korean and got deceived by my fluent pronunciation. Well, after that, I am thinking on going to afternoon activities but get disappointed by seeing no one in the field. I end up went to 7eleven and buy something for iftar. I bought the coffee, ramen and tuna bibimbap. Our menu for iftar today was delicious! I tried the kimchi pancake. It’s nice. I like it. ~^^ Hehe. And at night, I was busy with my preparation for tomorrow presentation. Just done with the slides. Now getting on some information. I guess that’s all for today. I’m kinda blur right now because of the work. . -__O Till then, Farewell~^^


*tuna mayo bibimbap and ramen*

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