Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pictures Time!

          Hi and assalamualaikum. Like what I've promised before, here is the entry which will be full of pictures. Enjoy! :)

*with my Mom before going. Miss her T_T*

*at KLIA while waiting for the flight*

*KLIA camwhore.O_O*

*My flight's tickets*

*In plane going to Seoul from Malaysia*

*Internet zone with PCs at Incheon Airport, Seoul*

*Rest area at Incheon Airport*

*kind of like little museum about Korean traditional matters at Incheon Airport.*

*Incheon Airport, Seoul, Korea*

*Charger place at Incheon Airport. Daebak!*

*While waiting flight to Busan*

*Waiting area to Busan in Incheon Airport.*

*In my flight to Busan*

*I just love this*

*Gimhae Airport, Busan*

*My dorm in Busan. Using hotel system*

*Thought that it's a normal sausage but it is not. Be a vegetarian. Be safe*

*A place where we can chill out in dormitory area*

*This university even have escalator*

*On of the viw from Dongseo University*

*Natural view in Dongseo University*

*Were given this to write my dram and hope I want to achieve in the end of this program on th opening ceremony*

*Busan's beach*

*Busan International Film Festival*

*Sohyang Musical Theater, Centum City Campus. Where we had our opening ceremony*

*My seat. :)*

*After all the universities introduce themselves*

*dinner hall after opening ceremony*

*9.3 meter of Pinocchio sculpture*


*In hijab, friends from University of Malaya. 2 from left is the lecturer from Thailand who want to advertise me.-__-*

*First day of Ramadhan.*

*My first Sahur here.*

*Going to first class*

*My first break-fast menu here*

*laundry room in the dormitory building*

*What it looks like outside of my room*

*Second class. :)*

*What it looks like on my roommates' side*

*My Korean friend in morning class, Kim Ah Reum*

*Tim oppa on the left, Lucas oppa on the right.~^^*

Thats all. I hope you enjoyed. Till then, Farewell~^^

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