Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Journey in Busan #2

      Hi and assalamualaikum. We met again. So today is the second official day of the ASP. And today also was the beginning of the first class. The classes here were divided into two; Group A ( 9.30 – 12.00) and Group B (13.30 – 16.00). For Group A, I took Art of the film and criticism. Yes, it is an interesting subject. J While for Group B is Travel! Let’s Go. Sounds interesting? You’ll find out soon enough. As usual, gonna start back from the very beginning which is the morning. It happened to be that today is the first Ramadhan here. Surprised? Me too. J So I woke up at 2.00 and had my sahur with some other friend at the cafeteria. Our menu was sandwich, fruits and salads. What I want to highlight here is, I am impressed by the way they managed everything. Even they’re not Muslims, they woke up at 2.00 or might even be earlier just to get our meal done. They even greet us happily that morning. Salute! Maybe that’s why they are lot steps ahead of us in Malaysia. They’re very concerned about their guests and take care of them very well. Okay, enough with praising. So next, I go to my first class in the morning. The lecturer is a Philipino. I befriended with one Korean girl in this class and literally befriend with the rest of the class. The lecturer asked us to perform a unique way to introduce ourselves and I end up doing Gee dance with Saranghaeyo symbol in the end. It was embarrassing but I satisfied enough when lots of people liking it. One of Korean girl in the class said that I have beautiful eyes. Aww. I’m touched. J Kamsahapnida. I never thought that yesterday’s phenomenon of me performing myself is still a hot issue. One of Thailad girl praised me because of that. :D I just can’t stop smiling. Next class! I was all alone. L Sitting alone in the back without anyone approaching me. And my higher expectation of this class went down when the way the lecturer teaches is not interesting enough. L Though it is an interesting subject, I start to lost interest bit by bit because of the way of teaching. Well, I do hope that I can gain my interest back time by time. Reaching to the end of the class, one Korean girl’s approaching me and thought that I’m a Thailand. Funny. I can say that Korean people are friendly. And she said that I look cute when I’m introducing myself. Aww. Blushed. J Then, class finished and I decided to hang out at the student lounge. An Indian girl saw me, say hi to me and thought that I am from Philippine. Only after she realized that I am an UPM student, she quickly praised me about yesterday. I don’t know that I was this ‘famous’. HAHA! During the afternoon activities, I met her again but along with her friend and she introduced me and they start asking so many questions. I am so shy! Today’s afternoon activity was basically a Korean game which I usually see on their variety show and it includes eating. Unfortunately, I can’t join the eating part. It was real fun! Done with that, moving on to the night. On my way to break-fasting (berbuka) I met the Thailand lecturer again and she called me. This time, she asked me to introduce myself to her students and tell the students that she gonna advertise me. I don’t know why, but I feel like this lecturer’s love me. HAHA! For bebuka, I had seafood fried rice with kimchi, bread, and salad. So, that’s it for today. Night. Jalja-yo. J