Friday, 19 July 2013

My Journey in Busan. #11

         Hi and assalamualaikum. I just got back. .! ! ! And for sure, I am so tired. . Where did I go? Stay tune. J So today I feel like an artist in the morning class. I wear baju kurung today. At first, I asked my friend to help me take picture with the lecturer. And after that, the Thailand guys slowly want to take picture with me. . Quite few pictures were taken. .~^^ So, the reason why I wore buju kurung today was because of the presentation on the afternoon class. As for me, I think it is one of the worst presentations I ever did. I don’t know why and don’t really want to talk about it. But what I know is, they look kinda amazed seeing me with baju kurung. At least that is what I feel as they keep complementing me. J Finished with the classes, and now time for some entertainment! ! Around 7pm, Me, Hye Jin and Bo Ram went to Gwanganli Beach. Bus and subway (go) and subway and taxi ( back ). J The journey took around an hour. Well, the beach is so beautiful. I even walk on the sea shore. J Before that, we had our dinner at oven chicken baked. We tried the chicken lasagne. It is so nice. I was touched by their concern about what I cannot eat. Really thanks to them. Only after that we have a walk around the beach. Sightseeing, walking, snapping, writing name on sand and also running, we did it. The smell of the beach really attracts me. I just love the smell. It’d been too long since my last time visiting any beach/sea. After that, we went to the amusement park. After take a look at several games, I decided on King Viking. I was laughing very hard as we’re riding it cause the effect is on my stomach. I laugh until my tears come out. I’m not scared but it feels like my soul was left behind every time we’re at the peak point going down. HAHA! My palm was sweating and I was thinking what if something like in the Final Destination happened? HAHA! :P After the ‘thrilling’ Viking, we tried a shooting game? I don’t know the name but it’s the game where there is a gun and you just shoot the zombies until they die. Ohh, my hands were tired because of that. But it was fun. J Last before we go back, we went to A Twosome Place, which is a place well known with the desserts and coffee. So we tried this one Yogurt Berry Ice Shaved and it was really nice. It’s like an ABC in the Malaysia but have this Western touch in it. It cost us about 9,800 KRW for one big bowl. Well said, well done. I am satisfied enough. J We’re rushing at that time actually cause we’re going for the last train. We’re running and it does looks funny to me. With the stairs some more. . Aigoo, it’s tiring. But it’s okay as I have so much fun today. . Friends, thank you again for these beautiful memories we creates together. J I guess that’s it for today’s story. Till then, Farewell~^^

*Morning class lecturer*

*With Sun, Thailand guy*

*With Thailand guys*

*with Ah-Reum*

*With Julia*

*Ah-Reum recommended this to me*

*Sera unnie in hanbok*

*First subway station I went in Korea*


*at Naengjeong subway station*


*oven baked chicken*

*outside view from inside*

*chicken carbonara*


*Hye Jin and Bo Ram*/

*(1) Boram wrote my name*

*(2) love was added*

*(3) she add the 'welcome' word*

*guess what is it*

*amusement park*

*taga disco*

*My viking ticket*

*Did you see me there?*

*The shooting game I mention earlier*

*the desserts*

*last pictures of the day using my tab*

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