Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Journey in Busan. #9

        Hi and assalamualaikum. . Again, we meet in this entry about my journey. So, what happened today ? Quiet fun I can say. I woke up quite early today and managed to go to class on time. In the morning class today, we learned about type of film back then. French impressionism is horrible. No wonder they went bankrupt. LOL. Okay then, I tried to learn skating. It is so hard. I’m lucky that I didn’t get hurt and didn’t cause any harm to others. I scared and won’t try it again in this near time. Hew hew. Then, after class finished, in the lift, I met with these Thailand people from my classmates. At first, the girl say hello to me. Then this one guy interrupted and ask my name in Mandarin. So we’re talking in Mandarin introducing ourselves. LOL. How funny it is when I come to think about it again. So, his name is Sun.~^^ Nice to know him. Means my friends’ circle is expanding. By the way, I only consider one as a friend only after we greet each other and introduce ourselves personally. J Then for the afternoon class, I sat besides cute Korean guy I told about before. But maybe I didn’t say that he is cute. Just this Korean guy. I don’t know exactly his name. Hihi. Well, I was quiet embarrassed as my face look worst as because I’m adapting the climate change here. Feel shy when talking to him and feeling like covering myself all the time. He said he envy me because I can speak English quiet well. Thank you oppa. J After class finished, I straight away went for shooting. It’s for our morning class. I am the director. We’re shooting for 3 hours for 3 minutes short video. HAHA! Well, it’s a good experience. J Today’s menu for iftar is nice. I like the mango! Cold and sweet. Nyum nyum. I guess that’s all for now. Till then, Farewell~^^

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