Sunday, 7 July 2013

Here I am.

      Hi and assalamualaikum. Gonna be just a short update from me. So, here I am, at Seoul. Currently waiting for my next flight to Busan at 2pm. So what I've got here? Some free times of course. Eight hours of flight from Malaysia to Korea caused me a fever. Pity me. I even vomit like half an hour after I had my breakfast. Luckily I manage to go to the toilet. Even there were some mess I made. Kinda embarrassed. But what to do, this is my first time. I am so glad that the stewardess at the Korean Airlines are so nice. :)
         I guess thats all for now. All of my phone now are batteryless. Don't know what will happen. I just hope that the lecturer whom supposed to go with me will find me here. Till then, farewell~^^

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