Friday, 5 July 2013


         Hi and assalamualaikum. It's July. Alhamdulillah for another month I'm entering. :) That is one picture of me with my roommates as a volunteer for Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA). We started at 29th June and just end it yesterday, 3rd of July. In this short period of time, a lot of things happened. :) Which somehow make me happy as I made it into creating beautiful memories. :D On our first day, we're just registering and arranging stuff. Oh, by the way, we're in charge of gymnastic. Wee~ *there's a lot of guys with six packs though* Coincidentally, our first day is the same day for the Final FA cup. TRW vs JDT. And of course, I am a JDT fan. Though we're lost to TRW, but it's okay. There were a really big crowd there. It was my first time watching football around the stadium area. Here are some pictures. :)

*TRW supporters*

*JDT fans*

*Even do this O_o*

*A giant screen placed outside of the stadium. The crowd was amazing!*

          Well, no other words is needed. I think, you can define it yourself. Not to forget, I did made a sticker on my face. Here is!

         Well, still proud of it. I am a Johorean and proud to be one. :) Watching the match with my roommates make it even more enjoyable. :)

        So, moving on to the second day. This is the day when we really start our work. On that day, I became a secretary to the judge where I have to calculate the marks. Now I know how they made a point. Hihi. Most of the athletes are still on the high school. And one thing I found out, most of them are twins or siblings. Like seriously! Johor and Kelantan has twins in their team, siblings for Terengganu and Pahang. This is great man! I'll tell you more later on.~^^

         The next day, I became a 'sepanduk' holder for Pahang. There was only one contestant from Pahang. Seeing her being scold by the coaches made me felt terrible somehow. The athletes even cried if they do not perform well. The smile were so fake I can say.-___- Anyway, they did a good job. No one's perfect. Just sometimes, the way the coach is coaching make me feel 'that' way. Enough of that, this is me and my friends with the 'sepanduk'. :P

         Finally, we came to the end of the show.What I can say, I feel honored to be involved in this kind of program. I'm looking forward to another program like this. So, pictures. . . . ~

*the guys is missing*

*final men contestant*

*with Johor team*

*the twins I said earlier*

         Okay, about this twins. So, we're lucky to be in the same bus with them. I am actually. And I interrogated this twins somehow. Khairul and Khairil. They always make me confused. Khairul told me that they involved in this field since standard two. What did I do when I was in standard two? ? Hmm. Asking about his siblings, he told me that all of them are twins. 3 pairs of twins. It just WOW me! they're the last pair.  The first pair are guys and already married. Second pair, girls. Their mom has a twin too. How can they be so lucky ? Allah's power. On the last day, I were assigned to become a runner. There's an incident where I managed to say 'Good Luck' to Khairul from the judges desk quietly and he smiles back at me. Though he's only a Form 2 student, I found that these two siblings adorable. :)

         Basically, I've ended my career as a volunteer beautifully. LOL. And I'm already home by now. Apparently, two days left before I leave Malaysia. I don't know what to feel since it is my first time. My flight will be on 6th of July. I prepared nothing. -____- Friends, do pray for my safety. A bit nervous I can say. Hope all is well. :)

         Off topic. To you, I am sorry that I had to say goodbye. You were hurt because of me and I am hurting because of you. That is the reason why I am saying goodbye. Another reason is, cause I hate farewell without a proper goodbye. With or without me in your life make no difference. The moment you told your friend that I was a guy when we're on a phone call do really pissed me off. I can see that you're actually afraid to be frank about me to your friends. That is why I decided to go. Besides, you already have someone else. Someone better than me. I'm cutting off the connection and I'm sorry. Lets play it safe before it get worst. Till then, Farewell. 

*Faking a happy face while I'm not become an easy task for me*

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