Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Journey in Busan. #4

          Hi and assalamualaikum. Yes, we meet again. So, what happened today? Morning class? I came late, and I miss the chance to take picture with the rest of the class. So sad. T_T Anyhow, the class become more interesting time by time. And I participate more too. We learn a fruit salad song today. HAHA! So funny with the move if you guys see it. As I show interest in the class, someone’s approaching me. A guy from Thailand. His name is Pom or Pon. I don’t really remember. Even the lecturer knows and remember me. But I came early for the next class. And, I became more productive also. By doing so, a Korean guy start to talk to me.  The lecturer even praised me. She said my answer was fantastic and I has a clear mind on what she’s saying. Well, I’m proud, I can say. And also, I approached a Philippine girl name Jeanne.  J So today I decided to join the afternoon activities. It’s water balloon throwing. And yes, I get wet. Someone even purposely hit the balloon on top of my head so I can get all wet. I’m not mad, it’s fun. After that, I have some times in the field to dry up my clothes while chatting with some Indonesian. One of them said that I sound like a real Indonesian. A compliment maybe? HAHA! By the way, I have a big plan tomorrow. I hope everything will be just fine. J I guess that’s all for today? Till then, Farewell~^^

*This is where my morning class is*

*me today~^^*

*Afternoon activities!*

*Guys + Futsal O_o*

*My morning class*

*because it's look weird and nice, so, SNAP!*


*Another SNAP!*

*We got into the newspaper today!*

*My name tag, student card and meal card*


  1. woahh!! eventhuogh you guys stay there for a short time, u got a student card n meal card.?? wuuuu feeling jealous already.. hehehe

    1. Yup. . ! System efficient gila. ! Meal card buat aku teringat dekat meal plan. :P