Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dark And Lights. . .

There is one time when you ever feel alone.
And that feeling somehow accompany by sorrow and dark.
Then, we'll lost in the dark all by ourselves.
We're even trying to search for the right light which will help us out from those dark time.
Searching for it all over the places but that light doesn't show up.
But then, the light came when the feeling of giving up everything was near.
That light will finally bring out the darkness which have been staying for so long in the heart.
That light also led to the brighter path.
Light which will open up the mind, the heart.
Believe and hold onto those beliefs and never ever have even a slight doubt about it.
Cause it is the only thing left to lean on with.
That beliefs will guarantee a brighter future and a better person with a lighted heart.
So, to my light. . .
Please bring me with you cause I'm lost right now. . . .

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