Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Great Dinner With Classmates. .

That is the one word that match perfectly with my classmates. .
For those who were present in today's hang out, you all were awesome~!!
There is a saying on a picture worth thousand words . .
Then I shall use pictures to describe my happiness and "speak" on my behalf. .
Not to forget, thanks to one of my classmates who are generously paid for our dinner tonight. .
He is Muhd Aizat Bin Fakri . .
**Sorry if there is spelling mistake on his name**
And my classmates are. . . . .
Naim, Azman, Syira, Shazmi, Soso, Ogy, Farah Nadia, Fara Waheeda, Aizat, Mawa, Nik, Azlan, Abhar, Azri, Wahab, Yusrin, Diba, Mimie, Thea, Zati, Ecah, and Dini . .
I think I've listed all of them. .
Correct me if I'm wrong. .
Now, picture "speaking" session. .
**Guys in the bus; just realize that Naim made fun of me~!**
**Look at him friends**

**Girly guy in our class**
**awww~! So sweet**
 **Unique style of eating Ayam Penyet**

 **The ladies of the class**

 **Candid guys**

 **Azlan and Me**

 **lets eat**
 **Debate practicing??**

 **I'll scratch you~! LOL**

**Me and Azman**

Okay guys. .
I think thats all for this entry. .
I shall now stop here and searching article for my assignment. .
Till then, Farewell..~

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