Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I'm Back With. . . . .

Alhamdulillah. .
I am finally back online. .
Four days without internet connection connected to my laptop, I felt like *@#$*%&~!!!!
Okay fine. .
Before I start telling what happened this past few days, I'm gonna complain about something. .
My FB have gone crazy~!!!!
I can't check my messages. .
And I also can't stop a chat with a person cause another chatbox will appear with the same name. .
Right now, I've got a lot of things to tell you guys. .
But I think I'll just pick and mix everything. . .
Okay, first of all I'm gonna tell you guys about others perception on me. .
On my weight~!!
I just arrived on my aunt's house at Kajang last Friday and my cousin said that I look thinner. .?
Like, seriously. . ??
I laugh inside but stay cool outside. .
But ever since he told me that, my appetite increased as the day passed. .
I love chicken meat~!!
Out of sudden. .
I myself don't know why. .
I felt like one of the character in the cartoon "Upin Ipin" . .
Sigh. .
Then I followed them to Malacca. .
We had an awesome vacation there!!
I've met the beach and sea again. .
How I miss them since my last trip to Air Papan, Mersing. .
The place we've had an awesome vacation is in Impiana Chalet, Pengkalan Balak. .
There is a picture. .
Take a look at it~!
I wasn't in the picture cause I'm the one who took this picture. .
But nevermind. .
My pictures were a lot in my cousin's camera. .
Well, I enjoyed playing in the sea till my toe hurt by the coral reef. .
I guess it is. .
It hurt till now. .
Actually there were a lot of things happened for these past few days till I can't remember them correctly. .
Sigh. .
But, I've a lot of joy. .
But as I was reaching to Shah Alam just now, my heart said. .
"It would be nice if I do not have to come back here. . ."
I just don't know why my heart would say something like that. .
It might be caused of I'm missing my family, especially my Mom so damn much. .
I just hope that the feeling of "don't want to come back" just go away for now as I need to concentrate on my study. .
Just a couple months more then I'll leave here. .
Dear heart, just keep waiting patiently, okay??
Then, I shall stop here and get back to my works. .
Till then, Farewell. .

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