Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This Is Me. . .

Hi all. .
Yea, this is me. .
I'm gonna tell bout me. .
I knew there are a lot of people hate or feel like so damn fed up with me. .
No matter in what aspects. .
It might be the way I dress up myself, my behavior and etc. .
As long as I'm not disturbing you and bother others, I'll be fine with it. .
Fine if you said that your eyes hurting when look at me. .
Did you ever think I was like damn hell love the way you dressed????
Its not like I'm not wearing a decent attire that it hurts your eyes so much. .
Well, I can say that it is my right to try something new in "designing" myself with fashion. .
I knew that you know EVERYTHING about fashion but that doesn't give you the rights to judge others in a way of criticism. .
Why don't you just give a nice advice, can't you?

Being like this don't necessarily mean you have to be like . . . . 

. . . . .THIS~!!!!

Just please be nicer towards others. .
I don't mind if you want to spread all over the world about my bad cause I'm already used to it. .
I've been through a lot of things and make me who I am now. .
And right now, I'm trying to stick with one promise which I made to myself. .
I want to stay single at least till I finish my foundation. .
Keep my feeling away from falling to guys right now. .
It is hard, but I want to stay cool. .
So my heart, please be nice to me. .
And those feeling of falling in love, just stay away~!!
So guys. .
This is me right now. .
I wanna stay on this state of the "cool" me . .
Okay guys, we shall meet again later. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~^^

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