Saturday, 28 January 2012

Thanks for the Memories. . .

Dear my classmates. . 
You've got a large place at my heart. .
For all the Triumph and Disaster, we manage to handle it well. .
To my handball players. . .
First of all, I would like to apologize for not being a good Captain. .
To Naim the coach. . .
Sorry cause we didn't make u happy + proud. .
But one thing for sure, I really enjoy the game with all of you. .
I felt that we're already like siblings. .
Stick together no matter what happen. .
I'm proud to have such great and wonderful brothers and sisters like all of you. .
I love all of you truly from the bottom of my heart. .
Thinking that we only have about two more months left for us, my tears start flowing from my eyes. 
So, never waste the time we have and lets create our memory together as much as we can. .
I will never forget all of you. . 
And one thing for sure, you'll be placed in a special place in my heart. .
Thanks for the memories, guys. . . .
I shall stop here. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~

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